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    My partners include managers of companies and enterprises, as well as private individuals, with whom I enjoy successful collaboration thanks to my tailored solutions.

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    A bit about me

    As an assets management specialist, I deal with capital acquisitions, investments and insurance. My specialist field is profit growth.

    I help my clients by enhancing their personal wealth so that more of their money remains to realize their own objectives or to increase their own savings.
    In other words, I reveal a method and solution how to start putting money aside; if you have cash, then what is it worth investing in, I show you the difference between a retirement plan and a voluntary pension fund, and which would be better for you in order to secure your assets and, most importantly, yourself.



    All services are available for companies and private individuals.

    Pension-oriented savings

    The best pension-related products on the market with 20% state support and expert assistance for the entire duration of the contract.
    For your dignity and wellbeing in old age

    Capital structuring, assets acquisition

    Are you looking to set money aside? Have you already found out for what? Or perhaps not yet? Whatever the situation, you first need to create the capital for it. I can help in this structuring, and you can delay a decision on the future of your assets until later.


    Are you looking for the right place for a larger sum? Would you like to have access to it at any time? Maybe you don’t have enough time to track the yields, which is why it is important an expert does this for you. Tell me what your goal is and we will achieve it together!

    Private medical care

    The best doctors in the country provide full examinations and care immediately, without waiting, in a friendly, clean and fully equipped environment. Professional service, professional team.

    Life, health and accident insurance

    All-round preparedness and protection 100% custom-tailored, so that the entire family is safe, from just HUF 18 a day!

    Home insurance

    Maximum protection for your home, property and pets on the basis of your needs. Online as well, in just a few minutes.

    Compulsory Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance (CASCO)

    So that your car also gets the very best! Online as well, in just a few minutes.

    Travel insurance

    Don’t let an unexpected situation ruin new experiences. Insure yourself for pennies! Online as well, in just a few minutes.

    General and professional liability insurance

    For the protection of your company, your activity and your staff.

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    Orsolya Balogh

    Insurance and investment specialist

    1132 Budapest Váci street 36-38. Orsiginal Bt.

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